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Energoservice CZ Energoservice CZ

About The Company

Basic description

Measurements and Regulation under Control
We are a Czech electrical installation company founded in 2005 with operations in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The company relies on the expertise and long-standing experience of its employees.
We are constantly developing and working on the professional skills of our associates.

What we offer today

We currently deliver complete technology for the measurement of steam, air, heat and other gases. We assemble technological units, put them into operation, and provide a full range of services related to automated technology control systems and measurements and regulation.
We specialize in the installation of impulse piping for pressure supply, surface treatment and metal welding.
We provide consultancy services encompassing the design of special applications, projects and specified equipment. We offer a wide range of supplies from our business partners, turnkey solutions and the installation of measuring and regulating technology. The company is certified for the standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005 and ČSN OHSAH 18001:2008.

How can we help you?

Above all, we offer quality, friendliness, fairness, speed and reliability.
We provide advisory, consulting and project services related to electrical, measuring and control engineering, information technology, automated technology control facilities, power and heating plants, and the alignment and calibration of measuring equipment.

We look forward to your opinions, comments and cooperation.

In conclusion

We are constantly developing and working on the professional skills of our associates.